How to return value of longtide and latitude from json using angular 7?

my url as following :

json returned from url above is :

{"_index":"location","_type":"_doc","_id":"27737","_version":1,"_seq_no":5577,"_primary_term":1,"found":true,"_source":{"Locid":27737,"GPS1":"25.0173, 121.462","GPS2":"25°01'02.2\"N 121°27'44.8\"E","CompanyID":1005070,"ads":"142 Sec. 1, HsIn Nan Rd cung Ko Dšst, New Taipei City, Taiwan","Crid":75,"con":"Taiwan","Ctid":5894,"Cn":"Zhonghe District","pushdate":"2019-12-26T03:38:20.883"}}

I need to return two values from GPS1 :

longtiude : 25.0173

latitude : 121.462

Based on LocationId parameter :27737

So that I need to create service

take location id parameters

and return two values of GPS1

then set values returned of longtude and latitude

on ngOinInit Event

How to create service then call it on ngOnInit

call service here  

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Did you install angular cli?
If so you could call ng generate service nameofservice to create the service, then do the programming to parse the json object as you need to.
Just have to make sure to look up how to include a have to register it in the app.module.ts...

then do the programming to parse the json object as you need to.

I could be wrong, but I think what he's asking is how to do this part.

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