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Hello i want to upload an audio file(.mp3). The file is uploaded on the folder, the value is inserted on the db (MySql) so far so good. But when i try to play the file on the uploads folder is says its corrupted or extension is wrong.the value is not base64 is the original name of the file


           <form [formGroup]="form" (ngSubmit)="onSubmit()"> <input type="file" name="avatar"     (change)="onFileSelect($event)" /> <button type="submit">Upload</button> </form>


 onSubmit() {
const formData = new FormData();
formData.append('avatar', this.form.get('avatar').value);

this.group_id = 0; = this.hashes; = formData; = true;
this.userData.uploadAudio(, this.group_id ).subscribe(
  (res) => {
    this.uploadResponse = res;
  (err) => {  


$mediaData = $request->post('media');
$name = $mediaData['audio'];
$uri =  substr($name,strpos($name,",")+1);
$encodedData = str_replace(' ','+',$uri);
    $name = md5(time() . rand(1, 1000));
    if(!file_put_contents('uploads/' . $name.'.mp3', $decodedData)) 
catch(Exception $e)
$name = $name . '.mp3' ;
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