I created custom post type with custom taxonomy. Its working, but i am facing one issue is


this is my custom post type url




products -> taxonomy-slug

cars -> taxonomy-term

bmw-z4 -> product title

custom-post-type slug -> products/%custom_taxonomy%

this link is working, but also its working when i change taxonomy term value

Exg: http://example.com/products/crs/bmw-z4

This link also working even after changing(cars -> crs)/puting any value at that position. Actually it should be redirect to page not found page.

I have no WordPress experience at all so take what I say with a grain of salt, but is it possible that WordPress is doing this on purpose?

In other words, they know what URL you are meaning to go to, so they’re sending you to it?

What I would recommend you do is to inspect the HTML code of the multiple pages and see if WordPress has them all pointed to the same canonical URL.

Look for <link rel=canonical and see if they all point to the same correct URL.

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