I Couldn't get $_POST['photo'] while echo. how can i rectify it.

The method is post action=""

      $rs=mysqli_query($con,"INSERT INTO details set name='$name',email='$email',aadhar_number='$aadhar_number',$file_sql room_no='$room_no',age='$age',phone_number='".$_GET['mob_no']."',address='$address'");
      echo $_POST['photo'];
Re: How to get $_POST['image'] in the same file in php 80 80

You can get information about a binary file submitted via a POST form from $_FILES['photo']

However, it's binary data. There's no PHP array that I know of that contains the binary data. The best you can do is use file_get_contents() or something of the sort to load the file from it's tmp location into a string, and then use header() to set the appropriate content-type header, and then echo out the string.

For example:

$tmp_location = $_FILES['photo']['tmp_name'];
$image_string = file_get_contents($tmp_location);
header('Content-Type: image/gif');
echo $image_string;
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