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I need to get the values from below following html snippet. So far I came up with this regex which helps me trim it down to the values I needed, but to automate this I need to join 2 regex statements to get the result "18" which is where I am stuck at. Or Please suggest a better method for me get the values.

First Regex Statement

(?s)(?<=attribute bathroom).+?(?=\/span)


" title="Bathrooms" style="  ">
                    <span class="value" style="  ">18<

Second Regex Statement

(?s)(?<=<span class="value" style="  ">).+?(?=<)



HTML snippet

<ul class="iconContainer" style="  ">
                <li class="attribute propertyId">
                    <span class="value">xxx1</span>
                <li class="attribute propertyType">
                    <span class="value">Factory</span>
                <li class="attribute bathroom" title="Bathrooms" style="  ">
                    <span class="value" style="  ">18</span>
                <li class="attribute carspace" title="Car Spaces" style="  ">
                    <span class="value" style=" ">18</span>
                <li class="attribute landArea">
                        <span title="Land Area">
                            <span class="value">5,010</span><span class="m2"><span class="unit">m<b class="superscript">2</b></span></span>
                        <span title="Floor Area">
                            <span class="value">9,270</span><span class="m2"><span class="unit">m<b class="superscript">2</b></span></span>