hi i have to create a desktop application for "Timetabel Management System" . for that i'm gonna use Java language and i'm really confusing about what platform i have to use it? bcaz my group members suggest me eclips and some suggest me Netbeans? can u help me out with some example links? caz i didn't know how to create an desktop application. caz i didn't create one before.

All you NEED is the Java Development Kit (JDK) and a text editor (any text editor).
IDEs like Eclipse and NetBeans are used by real programmers because they provide all kinds of integrated productivity tools BUT they come at the cost of a huge learning curve.
You will find it really hard to learn Java and an industrial-strength IDE at the same time.

My advice would be to:
Start with just the JDK and a simple editor, concentrate on Java basics first.
When you're ready, try an IDE designed for beginners such as Dr Java or BlueJ.
When your programs get into thousands of lines of code, think about Eclipse or NetBeans. Personally I would prefer NetBeans for pure Java and Eclipse for complex multi-language environments, but in the end you will do best with whichever toolset the people around you are using.

How to create a deskto app? You will find hundreds of web sites offering to teach you. Many are written by idiots who don't know how little they understand. Many others were great when they were written but are now years out of date. In my opinion the only one you can trust is Oracle's own Java Tuorials. You could start here

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