I need a ASP.net readymate project with code and documentation.
please help me.

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Are you looking for someone to help you decide what project to do? Or are you looking for someone to give you code?

Are you looking for someone to help you decide what project to do? Or are you looking for someone to give you code?

I want a readymate project in ASP.net.
Actually I am beginers in ASP.net
So i need a project description as well as a readymate project with code from that I will try another project.

does it have to be asp.net or ASP?

Any thing ASP or ASP.net..
Obviously with code ...
and description of the project..work.

Are you looking for someone to give you code?

get a copy of Visual Web Developer 2005 (free download) -Make sure to check the SQL server box deuring install. Also grab the "personal website starter kit" (it may be included actually) - DO NOT DOWNLOAD VISUAL WEB DEVELOPER OVER DIALUP OR IF YOU HAVE A DOANLOAD CAP OF LESS THAN 1GB!

Check out the personal web site starter kit (database driven home website in ASP.NET) - its got a photo gallery and you can login and create accounts etc...

P.s if you are getting into ASP.NET its much easier if you use XP Pro or Windows Sevrer 2003 instead of XP Home

iam darvesh from coimbatore i have asp.net projects, contact me [snipped]

Can i get a readymade project.. Actually im a beginner at ASP.net with code and i have got visual studio 2010 and microsoft SQl server 2008 soo plz help me out soo by which i can create my own project.. Thanku. and aalso process of binding Sql with Asp.net.

I find it unlikely that you'll be able to get someone on this forum to provide you with a "ready made" project.

I would suggest that you first come up with a project idea. Create some mock pages. IN visual studio, create a new website. VS will create all of the required pages and provide you with a basic template that includes a header, content, footer, etc..

Then ask for help on specific items you are having a problem with.

By the way, you may want to start your own thread, rather than hijaking and reviving a thread that is several years old.

Here you go:
Project Hello World
Documentation: When the user clicks on the button a message "Hello World" appears

Open a new project and web page add a button called Button1 and a label called label1 to the page

Under the Button1 click event Code as follows:

label1.text ="Hello World"

I believe this will work in both VB.Net and C#!!

Seriously, there are plenty of examples and how to out there try:

ASP Messageboard
Code Project
Even Microsoft give samples

asp.net is nothing more than HTML code. And c# functionality. So if know something abouth this both you'll have no problem with asp.net.
P.S. See http://www.w3schools.com/aspnet/default.asp
there are a lot of info in the net.

w3schools is great for HTML related stuff, but anyone looking for help, support, and tutorials specifically for asp.net, should be looking at Microsoft's officical asp.net site. the url is easy to remember: http://asp.net.

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