hi every1 ..

i'm bsy doin project which has facility of markin attendance...
i'm using JSP for that..
and by using session i hv employee's " empID".

I hv made a dynamic calendar..which can move to previous and next months....resp. and displayed using <table>

My idea is to mark employee attendance by clicking on the date.

for that i hv created dynamic link for every date,

now the problem arises..
wen i click on the date on the calendar..it shud call action ..
and in action..i hv the code for databse connection.and updation.with the msg "attendance marked"

bt it shows error ..of stack overflow..

plz ..help me for the same..
or is thr another way to do it..

thanx in advance..

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If you using Apache Tomcat with instalation of examples you can find simple example in one of their examples. This one actualy let you name event and time of event, but if you clever you can make it worj your way


thanks peter..

i hv tomcat 5.5 installd at my end..

bt the examples r not helping me to solve the problem..

wat to do nw?

Is this fine ..if i give my dates as buttons..
and aftr clickin on it..

the listeners shud do the further process..

and as i'm nw to this field..
1 more question..
can i induce java(listeners code) in jsp.


you could start by writing normal English. Your tendency to skip every other letter makes your text hard for humans to read, if you do that in your sourcecode it makes it impossible for the compiler to read.

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