I have made ASP pages with my asignment files (MBAIT). Format is below:

Financial Management.asp

Now i need to attach a search engine inorder to search the content of this assignment files.

For Example:
we type "Management" and enter

then the result would be:
FOUND: 1. What is Management? Click this link
2. Functions of management. Click this link

Hope somebody would respond

Is the content of the asp pages held in a database (e.g. ms sql server)??

I am a newb in sql server 2000 also. i had been in a look at how to save this .asp files in sql server. But didn't find any loop. so i dumped it in to my c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ folder.

and is working properly with \localhost\...

which site provides a good platform for beginners in sql server 2000?
I hope you can help me*

you can't beat www.w3schools.com for a basic intro to.. anything :)

It's a bit of a steep learning curve but, for ASP development, a must - By holding the content of the page in a database table, you can create a full-text index on that table - additions to the table are indexed fully by SQL server, so your website can be fully searched by integrating an ASP/ADO script with your database.

Once you've looked through w3schools for vbscript, ASP, transact SQL and ADO, look elsewhere for dedicated SQL Server administration (e.g. http://www.devhood.com/)