I am trying to make this lunch menu work in the past few weeks and I have not been able to make it run. I am using firefox's dubug , but there is no bugs. your help is truly appreciated Here it is

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>SAM'S DINNER MENU</TITLE><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!---Hide from non-JavaScript browsers//This function Displays the Daily Dinner Specials at Kelsey's Dinerfuction DishName (Day) {var DName = new Array();DName[0]="Chicken Burio Amigo";DName[1]=Chicken Tajine";DName[2]="pizza Bella";DName[3]="Salmon Filla";DName[4]="Greek-style Shrimp";DName[5]="All you can eat fish";DName[6]="Prime Rib";return DName[Day];}fuction DishDesc (Day) {var DDesc=new Array();DDesc[0]="Chicken with mushrooms, onions and Monterey Jack in flour tortilla 9.95";DDesc[1]="Chicken baked with garlic.8.95";DDesc[2]="Large Pizza.8.95";DDesc[3]="Grilled salmon with spicy sauce.9.95";DDesc[4]="Shrimp,feta chees.9.95";DDesc[5]="Deep-fried code with baked potato.11.95";DDesc[6]="12-oz cut.12.95";return DDes[Day];}//Stop hiding---></script></HEAD><BODY BACKGROUND="tAN.JPG"><CENTER><IMG SRC="Dinner.gif"></CENTER><H5 ALIGN=CENTER><FONT SIZE=+3 COLOR=GREEN>Dinner Menu</FONT><BR>Served 4:00p.m.-10:00p.m.<HR></H5><DL><H3>FONT COLOR=BLUE>tODAY'S sPECIAL</font></h3><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

commented: unreadable - use code tags -1

Could you please repost your code with spaces, wrapping it in [code=javascript] and [/code] tags to preserve formatting.