Error Invoking Events Gateway Gatewayname: Null

1. created a gateway instance in CFadmin of with following information type Asynchronous CFML
Id = asynchr_submit
Path = H:\JL\TEST\cfc\asynchr_submit.cfc
Config file = H:\JL\TEST\cfc\asynchr_submit.cfg. I also tried with no config file.
(i also tried with config file cfc-method =onIncomingMessage and mode = saynchronous )

Gateway service enabled in settings

2. Config file has the following

3. Content of CFC (asynchr_submit.cfm)

<cfcomponent displayname="asynchr_submit" output="false" hint="Asynchronous CMFL gateway for Submit">
<cffunction name="onIncomingMessage" output="no">
<cfargument name="CFEvent" type="struct" required="true" />

<cfset email_txt = 'test email 2144'>
<cfmail to="" from=""
subject="Async test" cc="">#email_txt#


4. Calling cfml code
<div class="pagebody">
stTest = StructNew();
StructInsert(stTest, "Fname", "Test");
StructInsert(stTest, "lname", "Test again");
StructInsert(stTest, "email", "");
status = SendGatewayMessage("asynchr_submit",stTest);
<cfoutput>status = #status#
<cfdump var=#stTest#>

5. Error received from log is 05/18 08:33:20 Error [Thread-20] - Error Invocking CFC for gateway asynchr_submitL null
&. i even tried with only cfset insided my cfc. I apreciate your help.

are you calling the all code from one page or cfc page is different from the output page,

if so then you need to invoke the cfc in your cfm template by using the cfinvoke or cfobject tag