i've seen several threads about javascript books... but, since there are other people that learn faster from internet tutorials... could someone point me out where to look for javascript and ajax tutorials?

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thnx... i tried the AJAX one @ w3schools a while ago, but after the basics they stop teaching basic functions... is there anywhere else i can find AJAX?


Tutorials wont' teach you everything and definitely not the way you expect it to be. If you are serious on this AJAX thing, getting a good book would be recommended. Also, it depends on which server side language you would be using but I will safely assume that you are working with PHP.

Also since AJAX is just a framework which does nothing more than provide a bunch of functions which can send request to the server and accept the request via Javascript, expertise in the server side language of your choice would be expected if you want to develop some real application or start serious studying.

If you are not familiar with PHP, I would recommend you to do a bit of PHP before jumping on the AJAX bandwagon. And as far as tutorials are concerned, a simple google search for 'Ajax with PHP tutorials' or 'AJAX tutorials' should come up with quite a few useful results.

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