Hi folks,

As the heading states I'm no scripter! But I could use some basic PHP for layout uses. Can anyone direct me to anywhere I can find a basic PHP template? All I'm after is the code and its use for header, footer, left and right navigation plus anything else that's really basic you might think is useful.

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There is not really a "basic PHP template" per se, because web sites all have different needs. Granted, certain types of sites have certain standard functionality and there are templates for such things.

If you merely want to use it for layout, simply using the include function can let you break your pages into separate pieces like header.php (or .html files too), leftNavBar.php, footer.php, etc. and have these pieces automatically merged into all of your pages.

<?php include "header.html"; ?>
<p> other content stuff
<?php include "footer.html"; ?>

This of course does not even begin to touch the dynamic functionality of processing your pages with PHP, but with only a question about "layout" and nothing more specific perhaps it's a starting point for you.

If this just raises more questions than it answers, feel free to ask them!

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