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In some websites i have seen that in a website called mginger.com in that invite tab when i keep a mouse over the Text field in the right hand side of it shows that please enter the name in a layer .It looks very nice .My friend says that its an ajax.How to do that please anyone help me very urgent requirement

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What are you going to use AJAX with, PHP or ASP.NET?

I m going to use ajax with php


Did you try my suggestion on that?

hi i m elango i have a doubt .i have seen a site named mginger.com.In this site, a tab named invite s there. while entered in to the site two text boxes r there .while keeping the mouse focus over there it shows as Please enter the name in the side of the appropriate text box.its not an tooltip..please anyone help me its a very urgent requirement

when u entered into the site and go to the Invites tab use my

username : elangob
password : elango

for checking and give me a solution for this plzzzzz

the link is http://mginger.com/emailInvite.html

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