Hi everyone. I am new to PHP and MySQL. I am trying to create an RSS feed that gets content from more than one database table. The database tables are "categories". And I want to retrieve the latest content from those categories for the RSS feed. I want to retrieve the data from two columns. The columns have the same name in all the categories ("Name" and "Info"). What I want to do is select the name and info from all the categories and display them on two columns only.

I was able to create the RSS feeds for the individual categories but now I want to make an RSS feeds for all the categories. If you know what I mean...

So anyway, is this possible? Or do I need to change the database structure to be able to do this? I am using separate tables for the categories since there are only 5 categories in total.

Hi ashketchum! I think you have to use two tables in your databases.
Category(idCateg, Name) and CategoryContent(idArtic, idCateg, info).
In Category you'll have 5 rows.
In CategoryContent, the rest articles for those categories.