I have been turning my USB thumb drives into fully encrypted data containers for years now, but readily admit that the prospect of rolling up your sleeves and getting down and dirty with encryption software is not as exciting to everyone as it is to me. However, with removable USB data storage devices having hit the pricing point where they have well and truly become commoditized and the data stored upon them of increasing value to those who would cause you financial injury, it really isn't safe to carry data around unencrypted; so what to do if DIY encryption isn't …

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The likes of Norton these days make much fuss about just how quick installing a security suite is, but you can forget all claims of being done in 60 seconds when it comes to Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security. Think less of speedy rocket-powered installations and more of slow and steady, with a certain degree of swimming through treacle wearing flippers thrown in. Having checked for any conflicting software (such as Norton) or even traces of such software left behind by other security suite uninstallation routines (hello Norton again) and then removing them, the Trend installer goes and fetches the …

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