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Hi, I'm running a mid/late 2007 Macbook Pro with Mavericks: [Click Here](http://everymac.com/systems/apple/macbook_pro/specs/macbook-pro-core-2-duo-2.4-15-santa-rosa-specs.html) When I connect a second display the cpu temp goes through the roof, 90C with the fans at max. When I disconnect the screen the temperature comes down. Temperature Monitor shows that it's the CPU's not the GPU …

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Starting with Python 3.3 you now have access to a high resolution time counter (nanoseconds and better).

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Hello experts I have built a website but I did not get a good rank on google. How can I get this ?

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hi all, how to check same values array if it values is the high values in array associative and get it values? example 1: Array ( [value 1] => 0.8434 [value 4] => 0.8434 [value 6] => 0.8434 [value 3] => 0.3434 [value 2] => 0.3434 [value 7] => 0.2114 …

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One of my client site is not working properly. when i try to open on high resolution it just show long horizontal scroll bar. i try to resolve it but not succeed, is there any one who know how to get rid of that so please suggest me.

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Hi, I need help with the options available to provide high speed and reliable Internet connections to this premises: Premises 1: A new business park on Pickaquoy Road in the centre of Kirkwall, Orkney Islands What should be the best broadband choice for this location? There is a backbone in …

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I used iDVD to create a DVD with menu that is perfect for the job. Thing is, I can't seem to get a high res finished product. I saved this as professional quality but the TS outcome lost some major quality. I can't view it on a 1900 X 1640 …

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Pros: HARDCORE COVERAGE! Easy installation Lots of options dual band USB sharing 4 guest networks per band fast nice setup menus that look good and easy to navigate lots of security support connections are solid Cons: only thing is lack of print server, other than that it's perfect. Other Thoughts: …

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im working on a single player game in java and want to add a high scores table. what im thinking is when a player finishes a session my script will contact my server like this "mywebsite.com/sethighscore.php?secretkey=23234234&user=bob&itemscollected=45&timeplayed=1hour" <-- this would add a new user to database i have very little knowledge …

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Today just do walking around looking for information on the search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, ... to make some material support for the work and also improve their knowledge, this article is shared from the forum "Bing Center Webmaster" 45 step guide to SEO the most basic and easy to …

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Just wondering, how high can c++ really count? Because I made a fibonacci program, and it starts acting weird and printing negatives at about 10-11 places. With both long, and int variables? Is it impossible to count higher? If not, how?

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Ok! so im making a simple highscore type thing. the person plays the game and receives a score within the game. At the end of the game i have it currently comparing the score received with the score already in place within the highscore text file. the problem im having …

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Ok I'm a VERY (stress the VERY) beginner programmer and I made a yahtzee game. Now, I'm trying to make a high score list so as to keep track of the high scores in my 1-player yahtzee game even after the applet is closed. I have one class called Yahtzee …

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Hello. I am a High School student and am currently into engineering. I would like to use the student edition of autodesk inventor, but I do not have a school issued e-mail and none of my teachers have responded to my invitations. If any of you have a username and …


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