What are the new tools to increase the visibility of our website and genrate more business through Digital Marketing ?
Which activity will improve the SERP max .... ?

There are no new tools available over the web which would help you in increasing your visiblity infact things have gone even more strict only legimite work is something which could help you out. So, I would say better option would be stop asking such stupid question for tools and work in a legimite manner.

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Tools for promoting websites will only lead to spamming prcocess .Hence it better to follow manual link building.Content marketing,pdf submissions,document sharing,article submission will help to increase the serp of the website

Tools are not beneficial for increasing your visibility on serp, it can only provide you some services which ccan decrease your time. The only way to improve the visibility on SERP, the latest process of SEO link building task, it will really to effective on every type of projects.

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Any marketing activity automated can create a trouble... Do not trust even a link source without having visited the site yourself...
I have had a bad experience posting links on few bad sites,,, and found my web links getting multiplied without my notice..

So best online marketing practice is hardwork

First i would like to thank you for creating this topic. To get the better placement in serp, I would only suggest you to work manually as automated submission may leads you to spam your domain but you may use project management tool to increase your company efficiency. This will save a lot time for you to concentrate on your rankings.

There is no such tools. And one question - Why you want to increase traffic from any tools? What benefits you will get from that traffic?

There are number of tools out there in market who promises you to deliver / send traffic to your website, but if you get that traffic - what will you get from that traffic? Nothing .. Probably your bounce rate will increase which will negatively impact your website in Search Engine.

Digital marketing in 2023 places emphasis on consistently engaging content for social media and email marketing, using machine learning for predictive analytics and personalized experiences; SEO now emphasizes expertise, authority, and trust, and short-form videos on platforms like TikTok and Instagram are essential for brand engagement, and shifting towards zero-party data offers unique branding opportunities and increases privacy and customer trust.

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