I just want to know that most of the back link created through social bookmarking got removed after some time. As i have tried many time, when i use to create back link through social bookmarking i got many back link's to my website. But i got most of the back link's removed after approx 1 week. I have tried many time's.

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those social bookmarking sites use no follow tag they don't provide backlinks but pass the traffic

Search engines regularly change the criteria for links,
social media is abused often, social media may get zeroed out of link results

Policies are always changing. Seo is a art and it keeps changing so keep up with the news.


It haven't experienced this with me. can you give me details of that social bookmarking sites, which removed your story after one week.

I think you don't submit bookmarks to right category so they remove you links

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