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i am having trouble linking 2 listboxes together... What i woud like to happen is a selecting from listbox1 to populate listbox2. Any ideas on what to do? thanks in advance

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Hello! Now I am trying to make selection of Customers easier for my user. My user's business involves making deliveries on [B][I]routes[/I][/B]. Every customer is assigned a route number, which references the route in the route table. In my form I want to have [B][I]two list boxes[/I][/B], side by side. …

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i want to have 2 listbox. the first listbox is for the Main category and the other one is for the sub category. and by using sql 2005 for the database. help me plz. . . for example my main category for the 1st listbox is ADIDAS CONVERSE NIKE SKETCHERS …

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