A program I am writing has the user entering values into textboxes then clicking an 'Add' button. Once clicked one of the textbox values appears in a list box.

e.g Job Number, Data Filename, Unique Code

The Unique code is displayed in a listbox.
All three values are stored within arrays.

When the user has finished entering details they can save the list. This is to a csv style format.

My question is: Is there a property that can be used to store the array position so when the user saves the info from the listbox, all the related fields are saved as well.

Hope this makes sence.

I have tried the .Tag property but it looks like that only stores one value for the whole listbox.


There is not one, but a solution is to have another listbox, that's .visible property is set to false, and then have it keep track of whatever value you need it to, to coorespond to the item in the first listbox... I think you want to do though, is use the listindex property of the listbox in the array.... for example print #1, array1(list1.listindex) & "," & array2(list1.listindex) & "," & array3(list1.listindex) . This works, because a listbox's first item is 0, and so is an arrays. So, when you populate the listbox, it's indices (slots of the array) line up with the arrays.... with me?