hi, am facing problems with taking contents/added items of a listbox in one form(Add) and displaying it in a similar listbox in another form(Modify) which has an adodc for navigating thru records. now i know textbox works fine but listbox is giving a hiccup...any ideas? :!:

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I don't understand what you mean by "hiccup" in the listbox.... but if the listbox is bound somehow to a database, I think you have to modify the database to modify the listbox....(or maybe modifying the listbox modifies the database).

Truth be told, I do it the old fashioned way. Querry the database yourself, and use the listbox's as nothing more than a way of displaying the info to the user...


i have a form for adding records which has few txtbxs n a listbox. i have another form which has an adodc where i wud b able2 navigate thru added records, with exactly the same txtbxs n listbox as in the add form. wat i wanna do is take the contents of the listbox in the add form n display it in the listbox in the next form.

Problem:navigating with adodc works for txtbxs but listbox returns a blank, even though data is adding fine to the database.

Question: y r contents of the listbox not showing in the nxt form, even though they r adding perfectly 2 the database.
y is my program not returning the added contents of the listbox to populate the appropriate corresponding listbox in the nxt form?

u get what i mean?

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