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Hi, Malware Bytes has stopped scanning. I had bought the full professional, and it stopped scanning files on request (from the pop-up menu when you right-click on files). I then realised it wouldn't update, and reinstalls have failed. The other virus software I use is simply Windows Defender. I'm running …

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Security vendor Malwarebytes has reported that a new variation of an old password stealing Trojan is out in the wild, but all is not as it may seem. Notably, this particular Trojan is signed with an apparently 'genuine' digital certificate that authenticates the file. Which rather prompts the question: "say …

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The 'World's Greatest Anti-Malware Software' is the spurious claim being made by Malwarebiter, which just so happens to sound an awful lot like Malwarebytes which could perhaps justifiably lay claim to that accolade. Take a look at this forum and you will see that Malwarebytes is a very valuable tool …

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