Warning: do not mistake Malwarebiter for Malwarebytes

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The 'World's Greatest Anti-Malware Software' is the spurious claim being made by Malwarebiter, which just so happens to sound an awful lot like Malwarebytes which could perhaps justifiably lay claim to that accolade. Take a look at this forum and you will see that Malwarebytes is a very valuable tool for discovering just what nasties are present on your computer, and for getting rid of them. Malwarebiter, on the other hand, is most certainly nothing of the kind.

Malwarebiter, if you hadn't guessed by now, is a prime example of the Rogue Anti-Virus genre, identifying perfectly legitimate files as malware and ignoring those malware files that do exist. Indeed, the Malwarebiter website (which DaniWeb advises you not to visit, for obvious reasons) will distribute a Zeus-family Trojan by way of a drive-by exploit that is delivered in either Java or PDF format. According to Malwarebytes researchers who looked around the site from within a sandboxed labs-based environment "traffic analysis from our visit revealed “roe.js”, a file containing javascript. Upon further inspection the file revealed an embedded iFrame object that links to a rogue IP hosting the Blackhole Exploit Kit, a somewhat funny outcome to visiting a supposed anti-malware site".

Malwarebiter is still showing up in Google searches, although Google does helpfully suggest you might be searching for Malwarebytes instead, but the Facebook page which had more than 25,000 'likes' has been closed down.

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Rogue Anti-Virus genre,

I read some where that if you go to adult theme website. The java code will infect your computer within seconds if you click on an ad on the iFrame like you mention.

Then it will tell you to download Malwarebiter and people will download it just to remove it but instead it crashes your system.

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I use malware bytes its a awsome program and for deep rootkits i use rogue killer ps use carefully
and spybot search and destroy -- the latest version is out of beta and it is also a good program to get rid of those nasty bugs

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Thanks for the warning Davey Winder.Similarly 2 years back a friend of mine used a antivirus program called something like xpvirusscanner like that with amazing interface that looks legit.But instead of clearing virus and trojans ,it downloads them.The whole pc is affected by virus and trojans.It also disables most of the security features.Doing a full format clears the problem also losing all files.So users don't use unrecognized or new programs without checking reviews about it.

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