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Good day, I have a vb.net application that navigates to a series of url's and logs in, using credentials read from an external file. After navigating to some URL's a windows security pop-up appears and takes focus. Can anyone please point me to information to populate ths pop-up with credentials …

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Hello. I'm going to show you how to make a pop-up (right-click) menu that you can edit 1.Select the application you want to edit,or create a new one 2.add ContextMenuString 3,You are going to see a menu on the top of the form,juat add the stuff you want to be …

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Hi! I have started learn about Query and PHP, and i don't know what to do next. I have made table with query help i can show in table records from my Database, so far i have well, but next what i want to do is every record in table …

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<table> <tr><td>Date</td><td>Job_id</td><td>Active</td>/tr> <?php while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($rs_total)) { ?> <tr> <td><? echo $row["Date"]; ?></td> <td> <?php echo "<a href='work.php?ID=".$row['Job_id']."'>".$row['Job_id']."</a>"; ?></td> <td><? if($row["Active"]==0) echo "Active"; else if ($row["Active"]==2) echo "Completed"; else echo "Not active"; ?></td> </tr> <?php }; ?> </table> in this code i want to transfer the id on pop …

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hi, i have this jquery page that is included in an html file and in that file i have a function with .dialog() i want to open a normal pop up if this dialog doesn't work.. i was wondering how ca i do this... will try() catch() work on this..? …

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Hello ! i m developing a application i want that my notification form will pop up just like messengers , anti virus , and other applications forms pop from right bottom of the screen what can i do for it , i m using this code for it [CODE] Me.Location …

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DW has written some js code for me and it works just like I want it to in FF but IE .... not so much. [CODE]<div id="menu"><p onclick="MM_openBrWindow('sitemap.php','SiteMap','width=640,height=480');return document.MM_return false"><a href="sitemap.php">Site Map</a></p> <p onclick="MM_openBrWindow('policy.php','Policy','width=640,height=480');return document.MM_returnValue"><a href="policy.php">Policy</a></p> <p onclick="MM_openBrWindow('send_mail03.cfm','EmalMe','width=300,height=370');return document.MM_returnValue"><a href="send_mail03.cfm">E-Mail Us</a></p></div> </div>[/CODE] The questions of course: Why not? and "What …

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