I'm developing an application using ASP.NET + VB.NET.

There is a main page and a pop up window. When Click button in main page it is shown pop up and we can add customer details (Name, address, telephone etc..) after click OK in pop up window, It should be closed the pop up and the customer name should display in main page combo box. Up to now I could do show pop up, and close pop up part (and also save data part). But newly added customer name cannot display in main page. I have added session variable for storing newly added customer ID. (If I get the customer ID, I can do what I want) But after closing it is not firing any event (even main page form load). If it is fired, Half of my job is ok.
Please show me some direction to do this.

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Please show me some direction to do this.


Show me the ASP.net code and VB.net code. I'm not familiar with VB.net.

Unless you are using a framework.

It's pointless if you didn't provide the code with your situation.

Nobody read minds, so it's hard to be on the same page.

Does that make sense?