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This is supposed to used quick sort using the header "arrayListType.h using quick sort and get the numbers entered smallest to largest but I'm not sure on how to do it. Can I please get some help? #include <iostream> #include "arrayListType.h" #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; void printList(arrayListType<int>& list); void …

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Is any one know about Quick Basic is a popular DOS programming language developed in 1980’s and it was widely used by many of the US companies for games, software for small businesses. As the programming technique had easy steps, it derived the name. It is an updated version of …

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Hi All, I was assigned to code a project which to some extend simulates timetable of an airport. This has to be implemented using linkedLists. The poject should consist of Node class and SLL (singly linked list) class. The logic of the project is like this: There should be a …

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Put on your dancing boots and let the violins play! [Click Here](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywWBy6J5gz8)

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HI I have QB POS 8, which I want to connect to my PHP script running on my localhost. The PHP script generates sales receipt and that sales amount has to be updated to my QB POS to print sales report. Any help would be apreciated, thanks in advance.

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Hi, I'm working on a quick sort for double linked list. All work except the first item. I don't know what is wrong. Can u plz help me find the error? Here is my code. dlist_t* quick_sort(dlist_t* list) { dlnode_t *tnode = NULL, *first = NULL, *last = NULL; first …

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What is the quick and easy way to update a navigation bar on a multipage website. I want the page to show where you are as well, currenly I am using a css id to keep track of what page you are on. <div class="nav"> <ul> <li id="current"><a href="some_url/">Home</a></li> <!-- …

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Hi, I'd like to edit database with quickedit, the script is work fine if in the first page, but if in the other page it go to top page again when I click on it. How to fix so it won't reload to the top page. Here is the main …

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Just wanted to know if we need to texture map the texture on the model with code or is it better to just import a model with textures already on him? (considering its even possible)

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HI ALL, well i am writing a program for quick sort but with some changes. The following code sorts the integers but i need it to show the sorting process in each steps.i.e. for example: Initial List: 5 -> 9 -> 2 -> 9 -> 7 -> null Level 0: …

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Hi All, As shown below, I have already managed to disable all menu items from the QAT. However I would also like the menu option to be completely removed! [code] <customUI xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2006/01/customui"> <commands> <command idMso="ApplicationOptionsDialog" enabled="false"/> <command idMso="FileExit" enabled="false"/> <command idMso="Help" enabled = "false"/> </commands> <ribbon startFromScratch="true"> <officeMenu> <button idMso="FileCompactAndRepairDatabase" …

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Hey guys, I have a problem. I created a quick sort program and it functions perfectly for quantity less than 100. I searched for errors and changed and now for more than 100 values, it runs perfectly and sometimes it hangs. I am unable to decipher whats the error. Did …

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The past few days I've posted some sorting routines customized to the tasks they were required to solve. Since I have a bunch of different sorting routines already coded, I decided to post them. Please note that some of these sorts are fast, but not a single one is as …

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I have to write a program for computer science that takes in the total amount of goods your buying and what amount your paying with and then outputs how much change you will receive. So for example your buying something for $3.99 and you have a $5 bill then it …

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I am having trouble adding the ability to order an integer array in both ascending and descending order. I have implemented the functions myself and am having trouble figuring out how to order them in reverse order. I am passing in a boolean variable to test which direction the array …

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I was trying to Compare the 5 Sorting Algorithms using 4 test cases. [U]Sorting Algorithms[/U] [LIST=1] [*]Selection Sort [*]Insertion Sort [*]Bubble Sort [*]Quick Sort [*]Merge Sort [/LIST] [U]Test cases[/U] [LIST=1] [*][URL="http://the.nube.googlepages.com/Sort.Analysisplot1.svg"]Random Data [/URL](completed) [*]Reverse Sorted Data (completed) [*]Almost Sorted Data (can't generate Data) [*]Highly Repetitive Data (can't generate Data) [/LIST] …

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I have tried many things obviously not everything or it would work, but i need your help. i have run out of ideas on how to fix this. im programming a fishing database where users enter the data and over time it collects and shows them were the type of …

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Can you add the icode button to the Quick Reply? I tend to use it (as previously mentioned ad nauseum :icon_razz:) for anything in which fixed font helps text stand out better. In fact, I probably use it more than code tags. I would find the button link handy. Another …

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