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I was wondering how for example drop box or a NAS is coping with the different file systems on different operating systems when sharing a folder? I was reading more about the different file systems and noticed that they ol have their size limits or they all safe their files …

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This question covers Windows only. I know Microsoft makes a wide variety of other software products (Office, Exchange, etc.), I'm not interested in them, only in the Desktop Operating Systems. [B]First[/B] - unlike the most of you, I've read Microsoft's financial reports, and understand accounting. I know how much money …

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System Administrators (SAs) have a tough job: Dealing with users and user accounts, security, patching, updates, upgrades, disk space, performance and other miscellaneous tasks often known as "other duties as assigned." For some SAs, the day never ends. Despite the challenges, pitfalls and occasional irate user; system administration is a …

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I have a c# gui app that will open any exe and monitor that exe for external file access. i have to collect the open/close/read/write stats of the files, the exe accesses. does wmi or any c# class provide the way to do it? rgds satish s

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Come on then guys, one of the gratest wars of technology and IT - whats the best operating system and why?

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I have to create a system design for a cashier system. Most of the transactions would be payments for fees in a student account. Fees like Tuition, Books, Enrollment Fees. The problem with these fees are their special characteristics like Tuition fees being staggered in MONTHLY itemization (if that's a …

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I wanted ideas for my final year project, I'm studying Business Information Systems With Computing; I wanted to do something in the lines of web development, but all ideas in my programme area are welcome.

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Hi guys just wanted to ask if you can help me come up with a good information system idea. I was thinking of developing an inventory system but our professor told us that this is so usual already and that he wanted us to think of another, other proposals that …

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Is There Any Compiler like a Cross Compiler Which Can Generate Machine/Executable Code That Can Be Executable On Different OS ?

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Hi! Does anyone know of any worthwhile machine language OSes to try? I just learned about them in class. It's an interesting idea in terms of speed and portability. I could only find two online, one was in Russian, and the other was MikeOS. Does anybody know any other OSes …

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Hi Experts! I have a question and will be grateful if you can help me out with some ideas. In an online hotel or ticket booking reservation system, normally a user is allocated a specific time to complete their registration / payments etc and during that time the system holds …

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Hi World, Im stuck on my Computer Science Homework. Ive found out that I need to compare it to a full adder and that is that. Can someone help me go step by step through it at I have to hand it by Friday and I am quite confused. I …

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Hi, There is a small blogging system where a user posts small blogs and they are time stamped, if this system was expanded into a distributed environment the main issue I can for see is with so many people using the system then posts will go out off order, the …

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Hi All I am looking for a new language to learn and add to my language set that already contains PHP & C# in much depth. Ruby is one language i was thinking of learning. Can you guys please give me practical uses and/or applications that use/may use Ruby. I …

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Hi all, I have read many IT degree related posts on this discussion board regarding CIS vs. CS degrees. In a week I must hand in my application for university which starts in October. My main dilemma, similar to other users on this discussion board, is that I must choose …

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Hello, I would like to know if you know any framework/classes for systems administration in windows/linux environment. Thanks for you replies! Bye, Marco.

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Hi! My name is Chris. Let me introduce myself... I have been developing quality software as a consultant for over three decades now. I work mostly in the NY metro area. My past work includes financial systems for some of the major banks and real time embedded systems, both large …

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