How To Connect MSSQL server 2008


hello !
i have experience in,C# and MSSQL2000,2005,2008r2 .but today my boss assign me a task to connect mssql server 2008 by using JS or JSON ,both are unknown for me ,:( i dont have any knowledge about JSON and JS , can any one help me how to connect mssql server 2008 using JS or JSON and what is the basic difference between JS and JSON :(

Please I need your help


M.Waqas Aslam


JavaScript is a scripting language used most commonly to handle events in a web page. JSON is not a programming language at all, it is more like XML in that it represents data in a structured manner. While you may use one or both of these in your project, I would suggest that the connection to the database would more likely involve PHP or ASP .NET or some other high-level language like that.

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