Platform: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (Standard) for both host and VHD.

Use: Remote access for application. RDS uses both host and VHD to give separation for security in SMB environment.

Problem: DNS configuration was a nightmare here, and some issues may be part of that. The challenge, though, is that the VHD takes an inordinate time to connect to the host. I am concerned this will cause problems authenticating users (AD on host). An example of this is difficulty adding users to RDS because of not finding the domain (it looks like it is timing out because it does eventually resolve the list of user types on the domain to select from. Selecting any of these, again, does not "find the user" because the "domain is not found").

Any ideas on troubleshooting this? DCDIAG /V came back clean except for a reference to duplicate server / ip. NBTSTAT looks positive for that, but the name given only points to the domain.

I cannot add users until this is resolved but, more importantly, can't begin configuring RDS when users can't authenticate. Any ideas where to look?

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