Hi All,

I have intermediate knowledge in VB.Net coding. I have searched the web to find help with
my issue but to no avail. I mean I can't find one that is helpful though there are
some in Web based applications.
I have an urgent issue where I want to store some resumes into a MS SQL Server 2008 DB. I just want to create a windows form application which will have some buttons to upload the resumes into the DB and safe them, and retrive the specific resume from the DB when the name of the person is selected from a combobox, which will contan all the names of the people who's resumes are in the DB.

MS SQL Server 2008 DB table will have 2 fields: NameOfResumeOwner, Resume
Windows Form: Will have 2 textboxes and 2 Buttons:
-2 textboxes to hold the ResumeOwner's Name and the Resume to be uploaded
-2 Buttons; 1 to upload/insert data into the DB and the other to Retrive the Resume for editing in MS Word.

Thanks in advance,

Hi you will have to set your Resume field type in the Database as a binary type (Image, Binary etc.) Then you will need to open the Word Document as Stream and insert the Binary Stream into the database.

There should be examples of each of these steps out there on the web - to start you off look up the Stream and StreamReader classes

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