webpage tests needed.


I have some customers saying certain pages never load for them and actually freeze their computer or make their internet connection drop.

I asked one if they knew if they were using Internet Explorer as their internet browser and she said: "no, google". I was surprised and said: "oh, you are using google chrome?" and she said: "no, google.com". So, yeah....not much help from the customers on figuring out the problem.

So...if anyone can help me:


If you can try these links and see if the page loads or not. Anyone using Wi-Fi would be an additional helpful test. Reporting any problems with the page not loading or dropping your internet connection and then any details as far as browser, OS, and internet connection would help.

Thank you!


It average about 60 seconds to load, IE8,Chrome or FF over 4 meg linespeed.After first time load, the average time to open more pages takes about 15 seconds.

I recon, yes, it takes too long, but no connection drops. A simple ping test to the domain gave no packet losses either.

My IE browser did freez, but, I dont think that has anything to do with the site, because I have some flash applications open locally, eating up most of my CPU. I expect system freezes because of that.

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