My Problem

I would like to place the sub links from the left on to the right side with sub links to each individual poem or story from My Soul.

I want the sub-index to pop up in the white box when the selected sub(Poetry, Erotics, Internet)links are clicked on...

Another prob
When I go to make links outa the smaller pics to the left they disappear....
Would like, to hover over small pics n chg the big pic to that one or another and also make it a clickable link to go to that gallery that will be up

Only page mostly
be nice

Why does everyone have to use popups and moving images for everything???

The menu on the left wiggles like Jello when the mouse passes over it. Yeeesh! Get the dramamine! Is that a website or an aquarium?

I don't see any photos on the left, or any code for them, in the second page.

To make a picture into a link, put the img tag between the parts of the a tag pair.

i know how to make a <a href> and I did, but when I did the pic totally disappeared.
<a href> first <img src> next, no link no pic came up...but ty n e way...The CSS I borrowed is too advanced for me also.
There are three(3) links in my post, the 2nd one has 3 pics on the right.

I can't troubleshoot it unless the code that fails is present.

But you can't put anything complicated inside an a tag. It must not be resized, and it must not overlap other objects (especially other a tags).

I see a circular reference error when a mouse hover changes the size of something inside a pair of a tags. A clickable zone must not change size.

Try making the middle image on the right a link so we can see what happens to it.

I'd like to see the image disappear to try and determine what actually happens.

Also, have you looked at your site in multiple browsers? In Firefox, your background image is too small for your content.

ok thx guys goin now will try to make the middle pic a link to the file pic
ty FC no I hadnt that o well i musta been doing something wrong ....