I can't make the bottom copyright/links/etc table line up. Previous versions and some browsers had it to the left by just the 20-pixel width of the shade image column; now it is all the way to the left.

Here's what I've tried to troubleshoot:
1) validated code and made changes to the extent I understand them and they don't mess up the layout more, as its requests for TR tags do.
2) outlined tags to confirm that open and close tags match
3) compared to "about" page, which does work, but that one hasn't been validated and seems to have more code problems -- but it renders fine in five browsers
4) many hours of trial and error
5) since the problem table is in a php include file, I ruled out that as the problem.

I have the same problem on the FAQs, index and compare packages pages, but I haven't put them through all those paces. They range from three-over-one to one-over one column layouts.

Can anyone figure this out? www.SellYourHouseWebsites.com/contact-websites-to-sell-your-house.php Thank you.

Have you made presentation of the content in table? If yes, then the method is wrong. It is not recommended to use table as the styling can be done in CSS.

For validation, try http://http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/

I understand that working without tables is ideal. I purchased this template without realizing it is several years old. My coding is not advanced enough to convert it, and in any case the website is 98% ready to launch.

I'd appreciate help from anyone who "remembers the old days" and can help me fix this, please. Also, like I said, I have already validated this page at w3.or and got it down to very few errors.

Add the attribute align="center" to the footer table.

Also, the site is 7-8 years old I'm guessing...it uses REALLY old HTML.

Thank you, FloatingDivs, the center tag mostly fixed it -- except now the footer table is slightly to the right. I have a shade graphic about that width - r3-fsbo-flip.jpg but I can't figure if that's involved or not. Would you be kind enough to take another look?

Yes, the template is from 2004 I think, but I just bought it this spring -- and the place I purchased it is still selling it. Caveat emptor.

I figured it out - thank you.

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