The bad words filter now works on the reputation system.

Does this mean that we will have {expletive deleted}-for-tat censorship?



>>You're a man after my own heart.
what makes you think Narue is a man ??? :)

Man as in the term HUman (besides, if I were to say WOman, my wife not approve)


I have not gone back and read the entire context of this disagreement, however. I can no longer discuss anything political with anyone because of this nonsense.

>one can speak negatively about someone without being abusive.
The problem is that "abusive" is a very subjective description. I don't consider my behavior abusive, but I'm reasonably sure that you would.

Then maybe you need to think about your own understanding of "abusive". If you are "reasonably sure" I will consider what you say abusive then we are not having a technical discussion; we are having a personal arguement.

Would you have me leave Daniweb just because I don't fit your definition of pleasant? Would you feel the same way if I explained my reasons for presenting myself the way that I do and they made perfect sense?

If what you say makes sense, then you should be able to state it without being "unpleasant".

There's more to the equation than simply being nice or not nice.
In fact, when it comes to highly technical forums (the software development forums, for example) the general guideline is that if the forum forces everyone to be nice, highly qualified experts will be conspicuously absent.

BULL. (sorry if that is "unpleasant" but your statement is false). Those who are TRULY highly qualified are NOT rude. In my experience, it is HACKS who think and claim that they are highly qualified (falsely) who are rude and offensive.

The trick is to find a forum with a happy medium where the rules allow experts to be themselves, but are still strict enough to satisfy the "keep it pleasant" folks. I believe that Daniweb is such a place.

The trick is to find a forum that meets your specific needs. If you want to convince everyone that you know "THE" right answer to everything, more than Bill Gates, convention, and the rest of the industry, you will pick one forum (and my guess is that you will argue a lot and accomplish nothing). And I, looking for help meeting objectives if my clients (not mine) will seek forums where there is a lot less "attitude" and opinion presented as universal truth, and more "lets try and figure out how to do this". "Experts" don't NEED to be told to "keep it pleasant".
Dani's probably not going to keep us both happy; but so far, I am benefitting.


>If you are "reasonably sure" I will consider what you say abusive then we
>are not having a technical discussion; we are having a personal arguement.
If I don't think I'm being abusive and the rules of the forum match my opinion, then it's more likely that I'm having a technical discussion and you're being overly sensitive.

>If what you say makes sense, then you should be able to state it without being "unpleasant".
Please reread the text that you quoted. In your hurry to berate me for my opinion, you failed to comprehend it.

>BULL. (sorry if that is "unpleasant" but your statement is false).
The people who complain that I'm not being nice are usually the quickest to throw around insults. ;) Proof in point: I've been nothing but pleasant in this thread, yet you're treating me like dirt for no reason. This destroys any credibility you might have had, and ruins your chances of successfully debating your opinion that everyone should be nice.

So as my parting shot, I'll say to you what you said to me: If what you say makes sense, then you should be able to state it without being "unpleasant".


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are you a lawyer ? :P

I'm treating you like DIRT??????????????


If you are sure the other person will find your choice of words "abusive" then what's your POINT????

This may destroy my credibility with YOU. Oh well. My clients find me quite credible. Disagreeing with you is NOT abusive, I do not believe it was unpleasant beyond reason, and if you think that disagreeing with you is "not nice" then you have some sensitivity issues of your own.

Tell ya what, you go ahead and take "shots", intentionally cause others to feel abused, and acuse anyone who says a word about it of not being "nice" to you.
I have work to do, and I doubt you have anything to contribute.

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You're very good at pretending to be overly sensitive.
Calm down there, Bob, before you blow a gasket.

>Disagreeing with you is NOT abusive
I like it when people disagree with me because it creates an interesting conversation. However, disagreeing in the way you've done is completely unprofessional. If I were one of your clients, I'd tell you correct your attitude or lose my business. However, I'm confident that you won't listen to my advice, and you'll likely respond with another childish attack. In fact, I'm so confident of this that I'm going to close the thread.

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Some people just don't learn
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