Have you started upgrading things dani??

Im not seeing anyones avatars or most images (Also i dont see "Post count",etc on the right side)

Kinda strange behaviour (Unless you have started upgrading)

Nope, no updating going on. Can you take a screenshot please? Thanks!

I usually dont take shots but here it one shot....

This opens in Word or Wordpad :)


You'll notice the absence of the avatars and other stuff.... Only happens @ this site...

Have you enabled GZIP compression?? (Im on IE6 and if you have,this may be why (It doesnt read all the files correctly))

I'm not sure what's up with that file but it won't download for me.

We do have Gzip enabled but the settings haven't changed in months.

Hmmm Click on my link and choose 'OPEN' then when it Downloads,choose WORDPAD to view it in (Should work)

OK then,i guess thats not the issue (Gzip)

Very wierd

I don't know why it wouldn't open the first time but I got it open ... not sure why you would be experiencing that. Does anyone else experience this issue?

Everything here looks normal - using Firefox under Vista.

It happened once before...but thats months ago. I'm using IE7 under vista & no problem.

I've not had any problem veiwing avatars. But I have been seeing this lately when browsing Posts Since Last Visit -> All forums.

See how the topics go underneath the sidebar on the right? I'm using Firefox on XP Professional SP2.

I don't know why it wouldn't open the first time but I got it open ... not sure why you would be experiencing that. Does anyone else experience this issue?

Yes, but like an hour ago. Everything is back to normal now. :-O

Never seen the avatar problem but I do see the same probley hollystyles mentioned. I'm also using IE7 on Vista.

I'm getting hollystyles' and AD's problem but only in the Java forum and only sometimes. I'm browsing in firefox on xp also.

hollystyles...i experience the same problems at times...sometimes i can't read what's posted there (threads). The other problem I have is the headers/bars load up...but then the actual thread doesn't show...

I'd like to concentrate on The Dude's and Sulley's Boo's problem in this thread please.

I'm not able to replicate the problem. How often does it happen? Is it random? Does refreshing the page fix it?

Still happening now Dani......

Lets try to backtrack,roll things back to January 2nd and we can go from there...

Im on IE6 (I dunno if its an IE6 problem or not) Still happening......

Well killing off two days worth of posts and new members isn't going to help the situation.

The only thing that could possibly be causing this is the JavaScript that I changed two days ago to get the color and smiley dropdown menus to finally work. Unfortunately there are more unforeseen side effects ...... Everytime I think I have it working, more side effects, which is why it's been taking so long to fix.

Can everyone experiencing this exact problem please let me know what platform / browser you're using? Thanks!

Maybe that is it.......

Hmmmmmmm lets try to work around this so your changes can still work while it displays properly on all browsers :)

Im on IE6 -- What does my Agent ID string say?? (Check my IP for this post and it should say)

Im on IE6 :)

And Boo, what browser are you using?

I'm using IE7 on Vista...about Dude's problem, I usually log-out and close IE for a while and sometimes it will come back up ok.

Appears the problem I saw (same as post #9) has been fixed now. :)

Sweet Dani, it only happens when I use IE6 ..

OK so we can chalk this up to the fix for the smilie/color popup menus lead to an IE6 bug. I will do some more investigating.

The last bug was more major and affected the latest versions of browsers and therefore resulted in it being impossible to keep the popup fix. However, this one deals with a legacy browser and isn't as major. Will investigate ...

OK so we can chalk this up to the fix for the smilie/color popup menus lead to an IE6 bug.

Very good (I knew we could narrow it down :))

Im on an XP right now using Netscape and everything displays fine :) (Came upstairs to test a game that wasnt sounding right on my computer (Doesnt sound right on this either))

Im glad we figured it out Dani :)

Well we haven't figured it out. A consistant bug in IE6 is not figured out in my book.

I guess not :(

@ least its not because of GZIP being enabled like i originally thought... (This site loads like crazy on IE6)

Just launched IE7 and things look fine on this also........ (I disabled the phishing filter (Ah man!!))

Gonna go back down to my room now --- We'll get it fixed :)

My desktop runs Vista/IE7 but my laptop still runs XP/IE6. I just loaded up DaniWeb on my lappy and everything looks fine, so it might not be a consistent problem.

I just noticed that you have scripting enhancements disabled. Try enabling them and see if that fixes the problem.

Nope same thing with Them Enabled...... (I have them disabled for speed)

When the page loaded my browser said "Script error" so there definetly is an issue with the script on the page...

On IE6 again.......

Try reversing what you did to make the menu work again and lets see if it corrects things) (JUST TEMPORARY -- THEN WE CAN TRY TO COME UP WITH SOMETHING)


I have disabled scripts again..