ok, so i have a asus motherboard deluxe 780i , anyway, 1100watt psu, 8 gigs mem, quad core, gtx 260 and 8800 gt , and uh three operating systems, x86 xp, x86 vista, 64 vista. so i changed the bootloader names from "older os", "winows vista", "windows vista"
to "xp home 32 bit" " vista home premium 32 bit" "vista ultimate 64bit" so i rebooted and got to the pick your os screen and it showed the changes. cool. picked 64 vista, crash, restart. hmm. pick 32 vista, crash, restart. hmmmm. pick xp, loads to desktop, no icons, no start-up, frozen. hmmmmmm. error pops up like "bcd file corrupted. must have something to do with changing the names or the program i used. "easy bcd" so im like screw it i'll fix it tommorrow. so i reset and shut down. morning comes i press power button and computer sounds like normal but no bios screen. Its like the drivers for the onboard display adapter are gone or something. It doesnt do anygood to put a recovery disk in because i cant see squat. display devices all crapped out. why cant i get into bios? that display driver is screwed to? im not seeing an easy out. maybe a new bios chip? new motherboard? any suggestions? thanx Isaac.

oh motherboard is brand new, in fact the whole thing is brand new custom rig.

These compound situations are really frustrating. You could put the HDD into a USB enclosure and manually adjust the boot.ini file back to original settings via another PC. Outside chance it'll work - you should have made a copy of the original boot.ini.

But a blank screen isn't caused by a duff boot.ini. There's hardware involved somewhere, as often as not RAM - but could be anything as this is a newly built rig.

I suspect you're gonna have to go back to basics and boot the system with just 1 RAM stick in (rotating them till they've all been tried) and no disk and everything else bar the re-seated graphics card deactivated. You're trying to get a BIOS screen at least so that you can move forward.

I'm sure you know all this but was hoping for a crack to make it easier. Unfortunately that won't be the case.

Keep us posted.