I find those new popup ads from HSBC on DaniWeb very annoying and would in no way become a customer of HSBC. What are these folks thinking?

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I really don't see how any company that annoys you to death (or freezes your scrollbar) expects to gain customers.


IIRC, Dani doesn't allow popups, or flyins, or anything obtrusive in her agreements with advertisers. I'd suggest sending her a screenshot when you get it again, because the advertiser may be in breach of contract.


It's actually a bit more complicated than that, Narue. I request of the networks that I work with to not allow popups, flyins, etc. Those networks then deal with ad agencies who in return deal with the marketing branches of the companies themselves or with other advertising agencies who deal with the marketing branches of the companies.

If an intrusive ad slips through the cracks, it is a semi-long process tracking down exactly where it is coming from and requesting a fix (a process that can take weeks as it travels through the hierarchy to those who designed the banners, and then back again). Thankfully this doesn't happen all too often.

I first noticed the HSBC ad day before yesterday. It is not meant to be so intrusive but is actually a bug in the ad code that appears to only affect IE (at least for me, it does). I began the process of trying to track down which network the ad is coming from, so I could inform them, when I realized that I stopped seeing it as of yesterday morning and no one commented on it all day long, so I was kinda hoping the problem would just go away itself. :) Guess not.


I got two pop-ups, both only in FF rendereing IE. I took screenshots as evidence ;)

Attachments Pop-up.JPG 110.53 KB Pop-up2.JPG 115.27 KB

This is the kind of "expanding" ad I reported several months ago as covering up the nav buttons. It doesn't really pop up. It appears in the provided space, and then gets bigger.

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