I am VERY new to this site, and I think I have made a mistake in my posting format. I want to apologize to John A (the site moderator), as it was an innocent mistake, and I did not mean to do it.

I still, however, require assistance on two articles I am writing. I am NOT asking someone to WRITE the articles for me, or tell me what to say. Rather, I need to interview someone, asking specific questions, the answers to which will be incorporated into articles on software development and software development project planning and cost estimation.

Is it possible I might could do that?


Alethea White

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Merci Beaucoup for apologizing!
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Not many people admit they have done wrong and thus dont apologize....

Welcome to Daniweb my friend :)


Not many people admit they have done wrong and thus dont apologize....

There is nothing unethical about not following some silly posting format and no need to admit one has done anything "wrong".


Actually, the posting 'format' in question was to do with which forum(s) the message ended up in and how many of them were posted. I am sure you are not suggesting that people should happily post as many duplicate messages in any old forums they feel like...

This was a genuine mistake, Alethea has had the good grace to admit that and say sorry. I hope she gets the help she is looking for with this, and meets her deadline.


Thank you very much for being so understanding, and giving me another chance.

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