hello, i have an objective i want to build my own web browser for the same i waned to learn a new software language which is flexible and easily understandable..... but my problem is that i dont know anything about vb.net i have some question 1) can i learn vb.net at home by instaling the software.which software or ebooks will i need. 2) what is the diffrence between vb.net and visual basic language can u please tell me. 3) what kind of language is most flexible and can be used everywhere like in website and making browser programs thank you plz do response so that i can make a decision base upon ur cmments

for a beginner, get the free VB.NET Express edition.

>>what is the diffrence between vb.net and visual basic language can u please tell me
Nothing, the are one and the same. vb is an abbreviation for "visual basic". .net is the newest version.

>>what is the diffrence between vb.net and visual basic language can u please tell me
you should post that question in the Web Development board. There are a lot of languages that allow you to create web sites that are superior to VB. I'm no expert at that, so post on the Web Development board if you want expert advice.

hello to every body i don't know vb.net and i want to learn this how i could learn plz tell me something

I got microsofts own book: "Build a program NOW -VB2005 Express Edition!"

it includes VB Exppress 2005 on CDROM and the book takes you from "hello world" apps to weathcer checking apps, databases and there is a project where tou do exactly as you want, BUILD A CUSTOMISED WEB BROWSER.

Its excellent beginner book - costs $16.99 USD, i got mine in the UK for £9.99
Its a smallish book (205 pages + cd) but great value for money

also u may want to note that althogh VB.NET is the newest and most featured, most companies use VB6 as is faster as do most colleges and courses

guyz i have the vb.net video tutorials for beginners anyone wants it just let me knw :mrgreen:

i have them too (its called 10mb boradband - oh yeah.........) ::mrgreen::

i put them all into 1 .wmv file using windows movie maker (8 hours or so, about a gig so i suppose it would fit onto a DVD)

^^is it? can i have a look at it do u have a link to it?:)

send me the link for video tutorials which u hv edited

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