Hmm ... no posts lately? I have been working my ass off everyday trying to promote this site, but to no avail. We've been getting a fair share of visitors, but no one seems to want to post or register >:( How frustrating!

I would expect most people who visit forums do so just to read posts instead of posting, but I was hoping for a better turn-out.

Maybe if everyone could just tell two people about us ... and then those two people could tell two other people ...

I'm desperate here, peeps!

Okay, back into the AddWeb Deluxe Edition website promoter!

i've been real busy lately... hey, i've told @least 4 people abt TTFs, so that puts me ahead of ur curve!!! ;)

hahaha coooooool thank you !!!! (really i mean that !!)

I was talking to inscissor about promoting the other day, and he came to a conclusion that I definitely agree with. He showed techtalk to a bunch of ppl who work with him in web dev, and they weren't interested because they thought we don't have a big enough programming community to make us worth their time.

We were talking about it for a bit and decided it's perfectly understandable and we see where they're coming from - but that leaves us in a lose-lose situation. It's like we need techies for techies to come. But techies won't come unless there are techies here already.

Does anyone have any ideas about how I can further promote the site?

Well not no more. Trying to keep it alive.

A lot more posts and topics I see. Very well done bumping up yay!

Now I can say we are going uphill...