Those that also have experienced this problem are advised to make contact as follows:

Dani Horowitz

Managing Officer

DaniWeb LLC |

1140 RexCorp Plaza

Uniondale, NY 11556

Phone: 516 222-1700 | Cell: 516 659-8028 | Fax: 516 794-DANI

AIM: CSCGal28 | MSN:

commented: Mean to list Dani's #'s out! -2

You currently aren't able to log out? What happens when you click the Log Out button? Can you take a screenshot if you don't see it?

Due to a blizzard here in New York, I left work early for the day and so currently can't be reached at the above contact number until Monday.

For screen shot use CTRL + Print Screen. Use Paint for editing applicable info. Save and send as *.jpg.

Narue - Incoherent babbling. This thread started DUE to Advanced Editor problem on my PM area. No Logout is secondary. IANA will pull your I/O plug in about 35minutes. WILL NOT be reconnected until Dani confirms that both probs. are fixed via private email to me personally. ( Infractions: 1/0 (0)) DO NOT EVER PULL THAT STUNT ON ME AGAIN. C code I may know little of YOUR DNA code I personally wrote.

If you actually try to explain your problem in proper manner people may listen to you. You started post with assumption there is no logout option. Please check attached screen shot for locating of this option I do not see reason why make this post with Dani's business details that are publicly available Dani is not your 24/7 service support Abusing people will get you nowhere PS: I think you own some apology, if not I think you do not deserve place among us

That was VERY MEAN of you to plaster Dani's # and address out here!!

commented: Fail. -3

not really, you can get all that info on the site or using lookups

Obviously Dani doesn't mind or she would have deleted it a long time ago.

as a registered company, i believe they indeed have to make this information available by law

Considering that there's a link at the bottom of every page, I can't see much hoopla about this.