I am a member of a few sites that use vBulletin, my favorite been:


They have a module/block at the top of their forum page that shows the Current Discussions Activity, a list of the latest 7 new threads, and the 7 latest replies.

I think this site would benfit from something like this.

THE only problem I see is that this site id aimed at a wider audience, and there will no doubt be members that really aren't interested in the latest post in the C++ area.

I do think this is a pretty good, site, but the threads are too nested in my personal opinion. (I am no expert, and I would never claim to be)

I think it would be a good idea for users that can contribute to multiple areas throughout the site.

Just an opinion

SE (dave)

I must admit that I worry a little about how 'nested' the various sections of the forum are, but considering the site covers such a wide range of activities, it's difficult to see how it could be organised otherwise.

Ahh ... actually Dave said that he thinks the THREADS are too nested, not the forums. I am assuming what he means are that threads are hijacked too much, and sometimes lose focus. In any case ... I will reply to the rest of Dave's ideas in a little bit; in the middle of something right now.