Hello everyone!

I am not sure if someone has already reported this bug, but here it is.
An example:

<form method='post' onsubmit='javascript: validateform(this);'>

When you click on "Toggle Plain Text", you can see < b >< /b > getting appended to javascript ! :-/

Some more example threads.


I have tested it on both Firefox and IE7.


I don't get it on your post here... I don't get it on the first link, but I do get it Here. I'm guessing he added those <b></b>'s into the code perhaps?

I don't think so. I didn't add any but I still see it ! :-O

<form method='post' onsubmit='javascript: validateform(this);'>

Testing ... testing

Yup -- its broke all right. I deleted the <b></b> from the original post and its back again.

I guess this can't be fixed (or so it seems!). No word from Dani so far.

Yeah ... I have to look into this.

Shouldn't the view be html, not javascript?

<form method='post' onsubmit='javascript:validateform(this);'>

It doesn't really matter whatever view it is.