I just try to attach GIF file to a post. Server attempted or uploaded and rejected the image, but pop up window went blank. After that I seen there is a limitation in dimension of uploaded documents. Resize did the trick.

Point is, after failure to upload document pop up window should not get blank but show some message.

I'm running FF 3.0.8

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... And then we had server issues and I never got a chance to look into it. Still trying to figure out the issue. :(


If the attachment is valid, it works fine. If the dimensions of the attachment are larger than what's allowed, instead of throwing back a friendly error, the php script dies.


Upload Errors
The Dimension limits for this filetype are 1280 x 1024. We were unable to resize your file so you will need to do so manually and upload it again. Your file is currently 3200 x 1200.

It seems like you have fixed it already ? :)


I have attached a screen shot of the error message. I don't think its a browser issue as I get the same error message even in Chrome. Hmm!

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