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I have noticed on some boards (e.g. http://www.dreamincode.net/forums/showforum15.htm) that when I post two consecutive posts the forum software will merge them into a single post.

Is something like that possible to do here at DaniWeb ? Of course it would have to be pretty low on the TODO list.

Personally I'd rather have the option to keep the posts separate if desired. Perhaps there are several different parts to a thread and you have two consecutive posts, each dealing with a separate topic and you'd like to draw attention to that. Or there is a time difference between the two consecutive posts. Merging them might make it less obvious.

I'm sort of on an anti-automated theme lately, or at least I want the option of turning the automation on and off. Gives you more control. Perhaps give the poster the OPTION of merging two posts with a click of a button, but not making it automatic? That's just my two cents.

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