Merging Class Instances

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Yes, you can merge two class instances in this simple manner.

# merging two class instances
# works with Python26 and Python31

class A:

class B:

inst_a = A()
inst_b = B()

inst_a.alpha = 333
inst_b.beta = 777

def merge(ob1, ob2):
    an object's __dict__ contains all its 
    attributes, methods, docstrings, etc.
    return ob1

# merge the two class instances into one instance
inst_a = merge(inst_a, inst_b)

# you can delete instance inst_b (optional)
del inst_b

sf = "instance inst_a now has alpha=%s and beta=%s attributes"
print(sf % (inst_a.alpha, inst_a.beta))

instance inst_a now has alpha=333 and beta=777 attributes