Sorry, thread title a little melodramatic, but making sure is noticed :D

Seriously though, when tags initially rolled, individual "tags" were separated by a comma, rather than by a space (although commas still seem to work as well). The problem is that this updated format disallows a two-word tag, such as "Windows 7" - the space btwn the two creates two individual tags... the original tags rollout had no such issues.

Is there a reason for the changes, or is it possible to go back to the original tag format?


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It really is standard for tags to only be a single word. That's how most other popular sites do it. We changed to this method to be more standardized.


Yes, as long as it's not a space, it would work. For a more standardized naming approach, trying replacing the underscore with a hyphen.


Okies - just noted that a two-word tag was first accepted when first rolled out (interesting, article written during that period, which was first tagged "Windows 7" has now been auto-modified to "Windows7") is no longer accepted.

The only issue I can see, funnily enough, is highlighted by the moderator responses. One suggests an underscore, the other a hyphen... this (at least to my understanding, so PLEASE correct if I am wrong) leads to a common issue in the TAGGING system as a whole:
If I enter Windows 7 in the site search-box, it will scan, thread titles, bodies, then tags. If none have the specific phrase "Windows 7", then it will be missed by most search algorithms - either that or I'll get hits on anything containing either "Windows" or "7".

The advantage of having a multi-word tag system, is that those searches which match get higher priority over one element of the phrase (ie, a match to "Windows 7", take precedent over "Windows" or "7"). Also, if we are to follow the Mod's suggestions, those who search for "Windows_7" will get totaly different search result to those who search for "Windows-7", or "Windows 7".... thus the problem. Such a system confuses not only the average user, but even the more advanced user.

Now I know a two-word tagging system may not be standard, but maybe is more accessible to site users as a whole. Worth re-considering??

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We use Google as our primary search function, and it scans and indexes the page as a single entity, discounting the tags for the most part.

For a more advanced search, use our advanced forum search (link in sidebar) and there is a specific field to search the tags. Naming convention is typically to combine words so that Windows 7 becomes "windows7" but when stripping spaces makes things very hard to read dashes are often used. This is really quite standardized so there are off-site articles on proper tagging naming conventions.


Cheers - was refering to site-based searches, not using Google.

Well it was a nice thought, but can see might prove unworkable. TY for the feedback :)

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