Is it just me or is daniweb hard to reach latley? Today I've been bumped off daniweb as the site froze and wouldn't respond and to site has sometimes been slow to respond when working. The first time this happened there was just a white page then eventually a message came back saying "daniweb is very busy at the moment please try again in a little bit". Then a few hours later some of the pages took ages to load although they eventually loaded. Is there something going on because this is rather annoying.:'(

It has been fairly slow.

No doubt it is being looked into though :)

This likely happens when you visit a busy web server, I've been looking at the web server load averages and only one of them had high load this morning, so this shouldn't be a regular occurrence. Unfortunately when the Daniweb Digests go out, the site does become a little slower than other times of the month.

the site does become a little slower than other times of the month.

Was i the only one who found that funny? It gets cranky when its its "time of the month"

commented: Didn't notice that till you pointed it out :D +0

Haha, no I didn't notice that, but now you pint it out I do :)

I noticed it was a little slow today but nothing like it has been in the past.

Today daniweb seems to be much faster so must have been the newsletter. I never though the newsletter would take many recourses until you pointed it out because now that I think about it, half a million emails would require a lot of cpu. At least it's only a once in a blue moon event. :)

Daniweb usually seems pretty fast to me. Well, fast enough, anyway. But I did get the same message the other day. . not complaining, I've been on forums that get them much more frequently.