Well, it is that time of year again and the holiday season is upon us. Which means I get to wish everyone the very best and say a very big thank you for being part of our community here at DaniWeb.

2009 has had some ups and downs (no mentioning the voting system or I will start bah humbugging) but overall I think it's been a pretty good year. With your continued support and feedback let's make 2010 an even better one.

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2009 has been an awesome year. Happy x'mas and happy new year to everyone.

Let's hope 2010 is just as great.


I wish all the members of Daniweb a Merry Christmas. Also a big thanks for helping us keep this forum alive and kicking. :-)

Oh, and as they say, Santa with gifts FTW! ;-)

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The countdown is on until time 1262257200 seconds from 1980 GMT+13. That's how I read time. Hope everybody enjoyed their christmass holidays and that last years resolutions came true.


Happy New Year from Adelaide, South Australia where it is currently 3am on New Year's Day :)


Happy New Year from Yorkshire, England where it is 9.25am on the 2nd Jan. I think I might be a little late with this one :)


Happy new year!!

Thank you Dani,happygeek,etc for keeping this place going,we love it soooooooooooooooooo much :)

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